About Us

Center Director
Untitled   Terry Langley is the Owner and Center Director of NewFuture Learning Center.  Terry received his M.Ed. from Southern Illinois University where he also served as a research assistant. A USAF veteran, Terry taught climatology, atmospheric physics, math, weather forecasting and served as superintendent for the department of Defense Weather Forecaster School. Prior to NewFuture Learning, Terry served as a learning and performance consultant in the world of corporate finance for 10 years.

Terry Langley has a broad background in education covering over 30 years, starting in the US Air Force where he achieved “Master Instructor” status.   It was while serving in the US Air Force that he discovered his passion in the classroom for identifying barriers and gaps, to target instruction to ensure students succeed. This experience also emphasized the importance of moving beyond simple memorization and recall to make learning more meaningful by helping his students apply what they were learning in real life situations. In order to further advance his knowledge and skills in this area Terry went back to school and obtained his Masters in Education from Southern Illinois University.

Terry has taught math, science and leadership development covering novice to advanced subjects in algebra, geometry, calculus, physics, research techniques, working on teams and leadership. He served as Instructional Technologist, Designer and Performance Consultant in the world of corporate finance, focusing on needs assessment, and change management.

This journey has lead Terry to NewFuture Learning where he now applies his passion and experience to help children achieve and build confidence in their own abilities to succeed in whatever they choose to pursue in a New Future of the global economy.

Our Tutors

NewFuture Learning has many highly qualified teachers on our team. Our center director specifically assesses the needs of the child and their goals to find the right teacher. All of our tutors are experienced teachers and share the NewFuture philosophy.