NewFuture Learning Center makes a real difference in the lives of students in grades pre-K through 12+ every day.   With a combination of programs, our goal is to build your child’s skills and confidence in order to help them learn independently and reach their potential.

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Subject Tutoring

We assist students from pre-K through college in meeting academic goals using experienced teachers who are qualified across all grades and subjects.

Educational Consulting

We are available to consult and advise you concerning learning barriers, Individual Education Plans (IEP), the Gifted and Talented (GT) program, ACT, SAT, SSAT, PSAT and Duke Tip prep in addition to College Planning.

Credit Recovery

We have experience working with local public and private schools to customize and deliver a credit recovery plan for high school courses.  Depending on the policies of the school where the student was enrolled we can coordinate with the school to deliver the required class room hours and documentation needed to meet credit requirements.  The student’s school adminstration must approve the student’s request to take a course with us in order to recover credit for a failed course.

Home School Support

We are available and on call to supplement home school programs with tutoring for unique and advanced subjects.  We will adapt to use your home school curriculum if needed.  NewFuture Learning Center has a long history of supporting families whose children are home-schooled.   Whether you are looking for information on how to apply for home school status, have a student with special needs, are searching for someone to instruct your student in upper level courses, or are looking for an economical option for group home school courses, NewFuture Learning Center is here to help.

Test Proctor

We have worked with a number of virtual schools, national colleges and university to proctor tests for online courses.

Study / Test Taking Skills

We offer small group study skills classes designed for elementary, middle and high School students. The focus is on organization, note taking, preparing for tests and test taking. Using effective study skills is vital to becoming a strong student. Developing specific habits and routines can help the student organize tasks and assignments, set priorities, manage time and fulfill responsibilities. By exploring new study strategies, students can learn the difference between rote memorization and deeper understanding of the material. They can become more active and successful learners.

Reading Book Clubs

These are designed to help students stay on schedule for completing HS literature assignments during the school year and on reading lists over the summer break.

Summer Classes

Individual and small group summer reading and math classes are scheduled for each grade.

Discount Programs –

  Tutoring for All Grades and All Subjects at NewFuture Learning in Fort Mill, SC

Schedule a tutoring session with one of our experienced teachers, or sign up for one of our small group classes.  With no long term contract required, you always have the option to schedule individual sessions as needed or you may choose to pre-pay for 10 hours and receive a significant discount.

1.  SAVE $50 . . . . . . . . $50 off of our normal $75 new student registration, now only $25.

2.  SAVE $40 . . . . . . . . Free* ACT & SAT Practice Tests for college   *The tests are free, a onetime registration fee is required if you are a new student at NewPoint Learning.

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